What We Do


SkimChicks is a proactive organization dedicated to advancing the female athlete.
We sponsor athletes and events and are proud of our connections within the skim community.
We helped initiate and start the very First Professional Division for Women in 2010 and have sponsored every leg for the women on the United Skim Tour since their acceptance in 2013.

We feel every contest is important and wish we could do more in sponsoring them. For 2016 we are committed to sponsoring each of these events to include:

The South-side Shootout
The Amateur World Championship of Skimboarding

Within the Women’s United Skim Tour (We are full sponsors at each of their events)
In the past it has been:


We feel it is very important that the women of skimboarding know financial backing is being put forward on their behalf to either sustain the event or as a professional go toward their prize purse.

Skim – Skim – Skim

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