One of the 3 Original SkimChicks – The Company was founded on their energy.
The Beginning

Skim chicks Pamela Simpson

My name is Pamela Jo Simpson, I was born in Denver, Colorado, August of 1975. Throughout my youth I was
A dedicated gymnast, training five days a week
and competing on most weekends. I excelled to a junior
Olympic level, that resulted in many ribbons, medals, and trophies. Eventually I outgrew the sport and didn’t see myself going any further in my gymnastics career. That’s when I started snowboarding.

Being a native of Colorado, I had all the fresh powder a snowboarder could ever want. I taught myself how to ride. I was doing pretty well until one day, I wrecked really hard at Loveland. I blew my knee out and cracked a few ribs. From that day forward, I mellowed on the tricks and big airs and stuck with riding the trees and fresh powder.


In 1996 a friend from Vail, Co, where I was living at the time invited me to Laguna to help him open a bookstore. I had never been to California or heard of Laguna Beach.

The first year there, I fell in love with the ocean, Laguna, and the beach lifestyle. But after about two years, it felt too crowded, and I longed for the mountains.

I took a position in Alaska as a White Water Raft guide on the Mendenhall river in Juneau, Alaska. That led me to a deckhand position on a commercial fishing vessel that took me to Sitka, Alaska.

Eventually, I moved back to the lower 48 to pursue my education. I picked Northern
California because someone told me it was a beautiful place and easy to study there. I went to Humboldt State University, where I earned a degree in Theatre Arts.

The Urge to Travel

After I graduated, I knew it was time to travel, so I left for an adventure to Fiji and New Zealand by myself. I had such an amazing time, especially in Fiji, where I really enjoyed the people and culture.

When I returned from a three month journey overseas
I was wondering where to call home for a while.
It was then I decided to return to Laguna Beach.


One of the funny things about Laguna Beach, is it’s the kind of place where you just pick up where you left off. The people within the community are great and often made me feel as if I had never left.

My first Skim Boarding experience in Laguna Beach was at age 19. This guy let me borrow his board one day at West Street and said “don’t hurt yourself”. After that day I was hooked. Skimming offered all the challenges of gymnastics with the awesome flare of interacting with mother nature; immersing myself in the ocean and staying fit, I fell in love with the sport.

During the time I was away on travel, I didn’t skim much, but when I returned to Laguna Beach after my travels, I picked up where I had left off, and have been Skimming ever since.

In 2005, I took third in the World Championships of Skim Boarding. It is also here in Laguna Beach where I met Shonna Cobb who inspired me to skim Board and still does to this day. I love my life here and look forward to seeing what the future of Skim boarding will become, especially for the rare breed of women who have such passion for this amazing, challenging, rewarding sport.