Mission Statement

Welcome to SkimChicks!

We are a grass roots movement with a shared vision for elevating and legitimizing female skimboarding.

We are passionate about empowering the female athletes of this sport with the same opportunities and resources as their male counterparts. SkimChicks has been at the forefront of this movement by helping start the first professional division for women at The VIC (2010) and by sponsoring every event for the women on the United Skim Tour (since 2013).

With endeavors ranging from documentary film-making, web portal community hosting, an APP, their Online Channel, podcast, and the first-ever international organization for female skimboarders (WISBA), SkimChicks is hard at work sustaining a movement for global recognition of this sport.

As a athlete-first organization, SkimChicks is taking a proactive approach to uplifting the sport of female skimboarding, uniting the hundreds of female pioneers from around the world, and establishing a platform in which these athletes can showcase their skills. SkimChicks is taking on the challenge of bringing female skimboarding into the limelight head on and has set out to accomplish these three core objectives:

1. To organize the women and continually support them on their Professional Tour.

2. To help legitimize and garner recognition for the sport by getting a skim tour televised.

3. To globalize the sport by making it an Olympic event. After all, this platform is the height of international competition.

The vision for this takes work but is well within reach.

. . .