Just Skim

The very culture that is Skimboarding represents one of many that exist by the beach. Culture by it’s very definition denotes a sense of community and an integration with one’s surroundings. SkimChicks has been the central focal point for all female skim boarders, young and old alike. It is an ideal, a passion, a place at the end of your search for recognition within the sport.

This then is the hub.

For not only do Skimboarders need to know locations, and the times and dates of activities, but they need to be in contact with the people in those places.

SkimChicks denotes a symbiosis with the community at large. We are the grass roots organization that has taken an interest in the Skimboarding community not only through our website and social media, but our Videos to include the Documentary SkimChicks, our Clothing Line (that is in development), and our surf/skim wax and bikini line. Our ultimate goal is to support the professional female skimboarder.

This is a global sport that defies localization, and that goes beyond the beaches and terrains of the world.

This is about the bonding spirit of women for their activity.

This is about their empowerment, and the form and beauty it has taken in their athletic pursuit.

Just Skim

. . .