One of the 3 Original SkimChicks – The Company was founded on their energy.
Early Years

Skim chicks Jen Jacobs

I grew up with an abundance of typical girly toys like ‘my little pony,’ Barbies and
plastic pink Cinderella slippers. I loved my mom’s highest high heels and I wanted to be a
ballerina so I could wear the cute pink and sparkly tutus. I never did take dance lessons, but I
did take gymnastics for three years and gave it my best (but failed) attempt to learn a back
flip. My girlish behavior definitely came and went in stages. I loved dresses or I hated them. I
think I started hating dresses when I got excited to get my older brother’s hand-me-downs.
The longer and baggier the clothes the happier I was. My love and admiration for my brother,
Nicholas, along with my girlhood dream of growing up by the beach led me to the path of

The Board

There were no beaches in sight of Sacramento, but, at least I was fortunate to have
been surrounded by the beautiful American River, and only a short hour and a half road trip to
the snow. My parents are insanely active and nature lovers. I owe my active lifestyle all to
them, because they strapped me onto my first pair of skis when I was five. I later switched to
snowboarding when I was14. My love for speed and adrenaline and board sports pulled me
to any activity where I had a board under my feet.

Flatland Skimboarding

Looking back now, I can see where the accumulation of water activities and board
sports drew me to skimming. The summer before I was 16, I played my first team sport
which began my mini water polo career (and encompassed my life for the next 5 years). I also
got my first job as a lifeguard and was introduced to skimboarding at the river by my brother
and his best friend Matt. He shared my love for snowboarding and skating and encouragead
me to learn to skim. He has always treated me as one of the guys and thus a reason why I feel
I need to be up to par with them.

I soon got addicted to skimboarding, what we call flatland
or inland skimming, and the laidback and relaxed river atmosphere. As each summer passed,
I got more and more comfortable on my skimboard and starting learning tricks with help from
the boys. Each summer, the tricks and rails the boys brought out got bigger and better, and so
did the recognition of the sport itself. I’ve traveled and competed in several skim contests
including Sac’s own Skimfest, Utah, Washington and Canada. Although a big part of me
wanted to stay in Sacaramento and progress my skills skimboarding at the river with the boys,
I had to follow my calling of furthering my education and pursuing my childhood dream of
living by the ocean.

So Cal

I fell in love with the long stretches of white sandy beaches in Southern California
and transferred to Long Beach State. During my first year at the beach (besides school) I
struggled to pursue my aspirations of being a ‘surfer chick,’ but soon realized I was hooked
on skimboarding and couldn’t make the swap. I was trying to ocean skim as if it was flatland
skimboarding. Needless to say no matter how hard I tried…I never rode a wave that first year.
It took me months to figure out the right time of day to skim- high tide, early morning
(just like the surfers) when the waves are best… The first day I finally went to the beach early
in morning I met my new “skim coach.” I call him Yoda and he calls me a little padawan. He
took me “under his wing,” introduced me to his Seal Beach crew of friends and was my 6am
early wake up call to get my butt out of bed and to the beach to skim. From then on, progress
was underway.

The Good Life

Every morning I woke up to go to the beach carrying my board under my arms, and
putting on my thick, and still salty damp wetsuit from the morning before, I can’t help but
smile knowingly that I am living my child hood dream.