Why Club SkimChicks?

We care about the evolution of the amateur skimmer to the professional.
Along with providing encouragement, we offer instructional videos, a message board with contact to professional female skimboarders, and because of our involvement in contests we have a general understanding and insight into the sport.
Skimboarding is about having fun, its about staying in great shape, and its also about learning.
We embody the positive values skimboarding brings to the beach.

Confirm Size and Color

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Limited Offer: $29.99
For One Full Year

That’s right! Club SkimChicks is offering a special introductory offer of $29.99.
This Offer is only good for those in the United States.
(We are working on our plan for the International Community).
A Great Value, it’s one full year, 365 days + a thirty day grace period for renewal.
Up your game and improve your skimboarding skills, join now!
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What’s Included?

We will send you stickers and a special edition Club SkimChicks t-shirt to start.
Get access to training videos and a shout out page for club members.
Sneak previews from our podcast Skim Addiction Radio.
A behind the scene look at our video productions, photo shoots,
and our clothing line SCbyNH (Sea and Cement by Naz Harounian).
We’ll set aside some goodies if you can’t make it out to any of the
United Skim Tour Events when the ladies are competing, we’ll make
sure you get a sprinkle of their spirit while on tour.
Your energy and enthusiasm are important to us,
come grow with a winner.


31.5″ – 34.5″
27″ – 30″

32.5″ – 36″
29″ – 32″

35.5″ – 39.5″
31″ –  34″